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How much could you expect to earn

Mortgage Broking is a truly rewarding career. The Mortgage Broking industry now delivers more than 60% of all loans to the Australian Consumer. The Mortgage Broker, along with ASIC and other stakeholders such as FBAA and the MFAA (The industries Peak Bodies), has become recognized as a trusted service provider. The Consumer has truly voted with their feet. The Consumer values the opinion of the Mortgage Broker as they have access to typically 25 different lenders and over 400 different lending products.

The Mortgage Broker will recommend the product and lender that is most suitable to the client. The Mortgage Broker is now the most valuable resource for all consumers.

The Below is an example of how much commission a Mortgage Broker would earn on each loan.

Example loan size Commision (.55%) Monthly Trail (.12%)
$400,000 $1,870 $34
$600,000 $2,805 $51
$700,000 $3,272 $59
$900,000 $4,207 $76

The above numbers are indicative and do not guarantee income. They are based on a an estimated brokerage of 85%. This does not allow for expenses or referral fees.