Meet the Team

Pauline Ryan Victoria
CEO / Mentor
20 years Broking Experience
Mobile: 0438 044 790

Melissa Robinson Victoria
General Manager, Mentor
5 years Broking Experience
Mobile: 0401 536 476

Neil Lovis Victoria
Lead Commercial Mentor
25 years Banking Experience
Mobile: 0402 759 033

Jalantha Mallawarachchi Victoria
10 years Broking Experience
Mobile: 0402 125 057

Judy Micallef South Australia
Senior Mentor
35 years Broking Experience
Mobile: 0403 507 283

Lei Zhao Victoria
6 years Broking Experience
Mobile: 0403 668 377

Roger Boland Victoria
23 years commercial banking experience
Mobile: 0425 770 858

Eldo Jacob Victoria
5 years residential broking experience
Mobile: 0420 250 842

Laura Robinson Victoria
Mobile: (03) 9329 3900

Tony Boyd Victoria
Senior Mentor
25 years Accounting Experience
Mobile: 0425 706 450

Rakshith (Rick) Hegde Victoria
15 years commercial banking experience

About the Team

The Mr. Mentor team is truly a professional team with years of experience in both residential and commercial lending. They are passionate about mentoring and are so helpful with all of the Mentees. The team are multi skilled and very patient with all mentees they love to help and are determined to ensure that each Mentee is delivered the absolute best tuition and support.

The benefits of joining a mentor – that has a team

We are often asked why we have a team – why can’t just one person do the job – Well the truth is that one person is never ever available 24 hours of the day – A Mentor may be ill, may be on leave, may be at an appointment

Our Team approach enables the Mentee to gain access to their questions or their problems in a more consistent and thorough manner – The Mentor never goes missing in action – We as a team are always there to help.