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Purna Gurung
initially began my career with a different mentoring group with someone who charged me a great deal of money. They did not deliver on one thing they said.  I have been with the Loanworx mentoring program  for over 12 months and could not be happier with the program – I highly recommend this program.
Luke Taliana
Thankfully I signed up with a program that was Hands on, Practical, Enjoyable and Most of all affordable.I could not recommend the Loanworx Mentoring Program more highly.
Jalantha Mallawarachchi
The program gave me alot of confidence to go out there and talk to people to make my business a success. The scenarios we discuss and the tools Pauline introduced me to helped me in handling my clients’ queries.
Kim McWilliam
The program has given me the skills and confidence to begin my Mortgage broking career. Knowing that I have an experienced broker on call or face to face for questions beyond the course is invaluable.
Carolyn Underwood
The course helped me to gain confidence and the knowledge needed to begin my Mortgage broking career. Throughtout the whole program there was plenty of support.
Melissa Robinson
The program gave me a real kick start in my mortgage broking career, I wouldn't be in the position I am now without the Mr Mentor Program.
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