“I joined the Loanworx Mr Mentor Commercial Mentoring Program to further increase my understanding of commercial lending.
The modules are setup to cover a range of different lending scenarios and are supported by the fantastic knowledge and real-life experiences shared by both Pauline and Neil.

The assessments help tie tit back to the course content and are useful to summarise each module, building on the knowledge being provided.
The added bonus of meeting relevant BDMs and Bankers throughout the course is great as well, expanding my network and understanding the appetite of the relevant lenders.”


“The Loanworx Mr Mentoring Commercial Mentoring program has been a key component in enabling us to expand our offering to a comprehensive range of finance solutions beyond 'bricks and mortar' mortgage broking.
The classroom information is presented by exceptionally experienced mentors. Each session starts with coverage of foundation knowledge building up to real life examples. The mentors are extremely generous in sharing their expertise both in and outside of the classroom.
I walk away from each session with a kit bag of tools, ideas and inspiration. I'm excited that I am able to find finance solutions for businesses which I previously thought may have been impossible.”

Michele Mansfield

“I am so glad I enrolled for this commercial Mentoring session. It’s been a great ocean of knowledge and created opportunities for me to diversify my business and cater to my self-employed clients. Pauline and Neil has been very amazing. Their Mentorship is not bookish at all. They are actually prepare us the way it is actually have to be done practically. The way they are imparting their knowledge and experience to us is simply top level. Other than the assessments and discussions, they invite so many guest speakers like lenders and so on to give us the feel of what actually we need to know when we are in action. The whole programme is designed in such a logical way of making sure that every Mentee when finished with same will be very clear about the process. Post Mentorship support is a cherry on the top. I strongly believe this is one of the best Commercial Mentorship I could have opted for.”

Eldo Jacob

“I have been lucky enough to undertake the first ever Commercial Mentoring Programme developed by Loanworx. This has been such an excellent course offering insight into all the aspects needed to be a competent commercial broker. The mentors Neil and also Pauline thoroughly cover every aspect of what is required to put together an excellent commercial application.
This course is excellent for any existing residential broker who wants to be able to offer more to their existing and future self employed clients. It literally opens up a vast value added area to extend your offering. This course allows you to become a finance broker not just a mortgage broker.
An excellent investment.”

Tony Boyd