Loan Processing Course

The Loan Processing Course is approved and recognised by the MFAA and FBAA.

The program is exclusively delivered online only. There are 10 modules to the Loan Processing Program. Each Module takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete – This allows for interaction with candidates, which is an excellent form of reinforcement and learning.

Each Module is designed to be skill building and from the outset the Mentee will definitely feel like they are learning and this will in turn boost their confidence and their outcomes.

The Assessments for the Loan Processing Modules

There are 4 Assessments for each module and there is homework allocated for each module – The students have one fortnight to complete these assessments.  The Assessments are not onerous and are only there as knowledge based reinforcement. 

Course Delivery

The online delivery mode, which is as the term describes, is delivered online. The inclusions and benefits are outlined in the table below

Inclusions of the Loan Processing Program Online

Inclusions (Online)VenueScheduleBenefits
10 Lessons delivered by Trainer / MentorOnline Zoom MeetingsWeekly or Individual Schedule tailored to your needs• Able to meet with other Mentees via Zoom
• Q&A sessions in class Practical Feedback Immediately
Continuous Professional Development Sessions (CPD)Online Zoom Meetings• Weekly Fortnightly or Monthly
• (No sessions in December or January)
• Great help with ever changing lending market
• Help with scenarios
• Help with submissions
• Help with product selection
• Help with policy
• Help with calculations
• Help with delivering professional outcomes
Mr. Mentor Toolkit
Online24 Hours a Day• Access to hundreds of up-to-date tools, templates and documents that have been tried and tested over 20 yers

Course Schedule & Next In-take

All dates are subject to change or cancellation.

Module 1 11/08/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 218/08/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 325/08/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 401/09/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 508/09/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 615/09/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 722/09/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 829/09/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 906/10/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM
Module 1013/10/20219:30am - 12:30pmZOOM

Course Overview – 10 Modules

Module 1 – The Successful Broker

  1. Getting the Business and Doing the Business
  2. Communication
  3. A Loan Scenario – Think like an assessor
  4. The Funding Summary – Transaction Terms
  5. First Homeowner Grants and State Revenue Office
  6. Mortgage Insurance

Module 2 – Serviceability

  1. Living Expenses
  2. HEM
  3. Borrowing Capacity and Ratios
  4. Bank Calculators
  5. Other Income Interest/ Pension/ Family Maintenance

Module 3 – Income, Pay Slips and Self-Employed Income

  1. A Normal Pay Slip – What to look for
  2. A Complex Pay Slip- What to look for
  3. A Casual Employee- How to annualise
  4. No Pay Slips
  5. Self-Employed Income

Module 4 – Lending Products

  1. Best Interest Duty – Recommending Products
  2. Structuring Loans
  3. Loan Terminology
  4. Amortisation – The deletion of debt
  5. Comparison Rates – Annual percentage rates
  6. The Lending Product Maze – Types of loans
  7. Product Comparisons Product Comparisons
  8. Helping clients make the most of their home loan
  9. 10 Lending Tips for Your Clients

Module 5 – Compliance

  1. Why be compliant – Regulated and Non – Regulated Loans
  2. The Process and The Fact Find
  3. Comprehensive Credit Reporting
  4. Debt Negotiation
  5. Open Banking – Online Lending
  6. The Process and Living Expenses
  7. The Process and A Credit Guide
  8. The Process and Privacy Consent
  9. The Credit Quote
  10. The Process and The Credit Proposal and Disclosure
  11. The Process and Best Interest Duty
  12. The Process and The Lender Acknowledgement and Consent
  13. The Process and File Notes
  14. The Process and Referrers
  15. The Process and Gift Register
  16. The Process and Compliance Checklist

Module 6 – Processing Loans

  1. The Fact Find and Verifying Data
  2. Policy Research
  3. Workshop Documents – Initial Workshop Numbers UMI – Funding Summary – SOP
  4. Pricing
  5. Product Comparisons
  6. Scenario Inputting to Software
  7. Generating Compliance Documentation
  8. Transition to Apply Online – Loan App
  9. Uploading Supporting Documents
  10. Post Lodgement Tracking
  11. File Notes
  12. File Set-up

Module 7 – Contract Law – House and Land Package

  1. What is a Contract
  2. Security
  3. What are the components to a building contract?
  4. Tiles and Land Ownership
  5. Executing the Contract
  6. How to present the House and Land package to the lender

Module 8 – Security Guarantees

  1. The Scenario
  2. Comparing the LMI Charges
  3. What are the Security Guarantee Options?
  4. Are the lenders policies different for Security Guarantees?
  5. Should you recommend a second mortgage behind a different lender?

Module 9 – The Settlement Process

  1. The Conveyancing Process and Your Role
  2. Understanding a Credit Contract
  3. Explanation of Mortgage Documents
  4. Certification
  5. The Settlement Process – PEXA
  6. Discharge Forms
  7. Fast Refinances
  8. After Settlement Process and Your Role

Module 10 – Start to Finish

  1. Fact Find
  2. Credit Guide and Privacy
  3. CCR and Legends
  4. File Set-up
  5. FIle Invite
  6. Electronic Bank Statements
  7. Ordering Valuations
  8. Accreditation Checklist Codes – Password Software – MSA and FMS Settlement Logins
  9. TFN Removal Software
  10. VOI Software IDU – Zip ID
  11. Pricing Requests
  12. Cash Back Requests for Lender Rebates
  13. Loan Tracking Process and Client Communication

Loan Processing Pricing

10 Month Plan

Online pricing

DescriptionMonthlyCostGSTTotal Cost
Sign Up Fee $1,000$100
Monthly Fee Payable (x10 months)$120 + GST$1,200$120$1,320
Total Fees Payable to Mr. Mentor for 10 Month Program$2,200$220$2,420

10% Discount applies if fees are paid up front

Payment by EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard Accepatble